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Welcome to our website! We are a Kent based air conditioning company that cover the south east, London and surrounding areas. We provide our clients heating, cooling or even a dehumidifier when needed. We supply quality to your climate. Being specialists in the trade we can assist with any of your air conditioning needs, covering all aspects of the trade. All of our works come with a guarantee and we leave our clients with 24/7 365 access to our help line. Our team are able to provide free, no obligation quotes and if you have any questions or queries, we are happy to help. With summer round the corner be prepared and get in before it's too late. We cannot stress enough the benefits of air-conditioning!!

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Our team offer a wide range of knowledge over the trade and have the skill of installing many systems. We cover all types of installs ranging from the small domestic split system to multi floor VRV systems for offices. With over 30 years combined experience we can tackle any installation!

As a company we pride ourselves on the installations that we carry out, leaving every one of our customers happier than when we arrived. No detail is missed when completing the job and complete transparency with the client is our top priority. Protection of your property is our main priority, we come equip with dust sheets, hovers, carpet protect and much more. No spec of dust will be left after installation.

We have acquired the accredited installer status Mitsubishi electric and offer 5 years warranty on all the systems that we install leaving you with peace of mind. However we do not restrict you to the one brand as we install other air conditioning units such as Fujitsu , Dakin, Midea and many other makes.
With so many units being installed everyday by many teams over the country, a lot of clients forget about the servicing and up keep of the existing air conditioning. We offer a maintenance plan right from the date of installation to protect your air conditioning unit from any unwanted failures. With the team returning one to two times a year to keep the unit ticking over nicely and keeping it in mint condition.

The maintenance side of things is so important for the health of your air conditioning systems. A simple service can prevent the unit from going into fault and letting you down. Do not leave it to late and then get us out to repair the unit, a service can make all the difference. Prices for a service are miles cheaper than a call out charge!

When servicing a unit we provide you with a report to show the health of the system and like a checklist we thoroughly go through the unit making sure all is cleaned, checked and working correctly. All running pressures are checked, coils are cleaned and treated, faults are found and fixed if needed.
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No repair to complicated for our team! With over 30 years combined experience in the trade we are no stranger when it comes to breakdowns / repairs. From complicated electrical faults to unit low on refrigerant we are here to help you. We provide our clients with a 24/7 365 call out service in hour and out of hours. The rates are only chargeable if a fault has been found or we are able fix the fault on site if possible.

When your units breakdown and are waiting to be repaired we can offer temporary solutions to keep things to temperature. We offer rental on portable units to prevent rooms overheating or getting too cold. Our team will not leave until the fault is found and the problem has been fixed.

DIY installations can be very dangerous to yourself and the environment, we get untold calls of self installed units with no gas left 90% of the DIY installs have leaks. This is so harmful to the environment if seen to be letting gas go on purpose it can be fineable and even prison time. So please give us a call and we will be very happy yo help with your needs. 
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