With so many units being installed everyday by many teams over the country, a lot of clients forget about the servicing and up keep of the existing air conditioning. We offer a maintenance plan right from the date of installation to protect your air conditioning unit from any unwanted failures. With the team returning one to two times a year to keep the unit ticking over nicely and keeping it in mint condition.

The maintenance side of things is so important for the health of your air conditioning systems. A simple service can prevent the unit from going into fault and letting you down. Do not leave it to late and then get us out to repair the unit, a service can make all the difference. Prices for a service are miles cheaper than a call out charge!

When servicing a unit we provide you with a report to show the health of the system and like a checklist we thoroughly go through the unit making sure all is cleaned, checked and working correctly. All running pressures are checked, coils are cleaned and treated, faults are found and fixed if needed.